About us

We are two New Yorkers who travel - a lot. After numerous trips, travels, and escapes from the city, one nagging problem always accompanied every journey - how and what to pack. Specifically the not-so-glamorous yet necessary toiletry bag.

Countless efforts to stay organized through written lists, travel apps, and multiple visits to stores other than big box retailers or the corner drugstore left us more frazzled and unorganized than ever. How could we make sure everything is checked off our travel toiletry list without the added stress, hassle, and effort?

Introducing Pack Simply. A one-stop shop for all of your travel sized toiletries and a smart, appropriately sized travel kit perfect for TSA requirements or to easily slip into a weekend bag. Simply add products with the click of your mouse, or the tap of your finger, and your travel list is easy, breezy, ready for shipment to your home or final destination.

A simple way to create and customize a travel kit just for you? Sounds like that to-do list just got a tad bit easier. Time for you to focus on the fun, and let us take care of the little things.

Happy travels!



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