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Create a DIY Flight Amenity Kit

Sharing a small space with a handful of strangers is taxing. Add in the stress of delayed flights, lost luggage, and weather uncertainties and the entire experience can quickly devolve into nightmare territory. But take control of your flight (and actually, any travel experience) by planning ahead and taking much-needed necessities with your own DIY Flight Amenity Kit. Because really, who wants to be stuck at 30,000 feet with a raging headache and a talkative passenger at the rear? A Tylenol and a pair of earplugs could have easily solved the problem at hand, so come prepared for all contingencies. Our Pack Simply bag is designed for easy storage in your backpack, suitcase, or purse. Fill with your favorite flight...

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The Benefits of Traveling Light

Pack Simply was born out of a need to stay organized and efficient when it comes to travel. With toiletries covered, however, I still struggle with the overall packing portion. To ward off any needless stress and help streamline a cumbersome process, I have made a vow to always pack as light as possible for any given trip. Paring down your items to only the necessities does a world of good and helps set a healthy pattern for future travel. I recently flew Delta’s Basic Economy class, which did allow for a carry-on suitcase. However, I decided to forgo the suitcase in favor of my (small-ish) backpack to store everything I would need for a five day stay. While it may...

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How to Fly When You're Sick

Catching a cold - or any ailment - right before a trip can wreak havoc on best laid plans. Who wants to fly when you're battling a stuffy head, aching limbs, and a hacking cough? Such was the case before a recent trip, when I struggled the days prior to contain a wicked cough that kept me up at night. How could I manage to get myself through an early morning flight without scaring off my fellow passengers - and keeping myself sane? Here are some proven tips: Bring a Toiletry First-Aid Kit Assemble a toiletry kit filled with needed relief, including medicine, cough drops, and antibacterial wipes. Do not leave the house empty handed and expect to find said medicine at...

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When Not to Fly United Airline's Basic Economy

As a follow-up to my earlier post on flying United Basic Economy, I wanted to add a few caveats for those traveling with a companion or group. My first experience with United Economy took place under almost ideal conditions: I was flying by myself. Everything I needed for my trip could travel via backpack. The plane was small, guaranteeing either a window or aisle seat.  If you meet all of the above criteria, United Economy can be a cost saving and fairly painless experience. But add in travel with a companion or two and a larger plane with middle seats - well, it's a different ballgame.  Many seem to be caught unaware of the restrictions placed on such tickets. Here are...

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Why Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap is the Perfect Travel Trick

Packing for travel is all about efficiency. Whether clothing or toiletries, go for items that pack a double punch. Our favorite toiletry for easy travel? Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Touted as a soap with "18 different uses", the brand prides itself on its organic, fair trade and earth-friendly practices. With a wide range of uses, why pack multiple toiletries when just one may do?   Here are some uses for Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps during your next trip:  1 - Body Wash As this product is primarily used as a body wash, this one is obvious. But don't approach it as you would a typical body wash. The trick is using only a few drops on a loofah or washcloth....

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