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Tips for Scheduling Your Flight Connection

Scrolling through flight itineraries to find the perfect route can be a mind-numbing process. If you are fortunate enough to find a direct route to your final destination, then lucky you. The harsh reality of air travel is many routes require multiple flights. The stress of catching that connecting flight is all too real and a dilemma every traveler will one day have to face. Whether you are a travel novice or seasoned veteran, here are some scheduling tips to ensure smooth sailing when making that connection.   Book Your Seat Close to the Front If you are pressed for time when arriving at your layover, take the initiative and select a seat towards the nose of the plane. This...

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Packing for a Trip That Takes You to Multiple Climates

  Going to the Bahamas? Bring your bathing suit. Checking out the Northern Lights in Iceland? Pack that warm winter gear. But what if you’re going on a trip that will take you from snowfall to hot days in the sun? This isn’t uncommon, especially if you are flying internationally and decide to do an overnight layover on the way to your destination. A trip to balmy India, for instance, could include a stop in the freezing temperatures of Finland. So how best to pack for a variety of climates?   Layers, layers & more layers The key to being prepared for weather that is hot, cold, and everything in between is layers. You want to bring lots of t-shirts...

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Travel Tips for a Long-Haul Flight

Pack those bags! Whether you are skipping across the pond to Europe or venturing on a quest to Australia, preparing for long-haul flights can be a daunting task. Cramped spaces, rude passengers, and rough turbulence can all make your flight a brutal experience. Many of us are on pins and needles to make the journey a smooth one. Relieve some of the stress and follow these tips on your next journey to a far-away land! Do Not Forget Your Passport! This should be a given, but nothing spells disaster like realizing you have forgotten your passport after maneuvering through rush hour traffic to reach the airport. Always have a handy location for your passport to avoid unwanted airport drama! The...

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Why You Need an Emergency Toiletry Kit

Can the word "toiletries" ever be seriously paired with "emergency" in a real sense? Most definitely, especially as we hit the height of winter sickness. Keeping a toiletry kit stocked with emergency travel items is a lifesaver for life's unexpected incidents. Take this past weekend for example. Traveling with my five-year old niece, she complained of a sudden sense of lethargy and upset stomach. Five minutes later, the stomach bug reared its ugly head with all of the nasty implications. Dealing with a sick child is stressful enough at home, when you are surrounded by medicinal creature comforts. But on the road, a lack of needed toiletries can wreck havoc on an already messy situation. Our answer? Keeping a fully stocked...

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DIY Coconut Oil Spray

Everyone loves a good DIY beauty hack. Especially for travel, when space is at a premium. How to take some of your favorite beauty must-haves on the road? Start with a few key ingredients, a spray bottle, and a little shake. Et voila - an on-the-go DIY Coconut Oil Spray you can take anywhere. Here is what you will need: Travel Size Spray Bottle Water Coconut Oil Make sure your spray bottle falls below the 3.4 TSA liquid allowance so you can easily pack in your carry-on. Take a look at our refillable bottle options, each of which adheres the TSA carry-on guidelines. Next up comes the coconut oil. And when it comes to coconut oil, organic is best. This is...

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