The Benefits of Traveling Light

The Benefits of Traveling Light | The Traveler Blog | Pack Simply

Pack Simply was born out of a need to stay organized and efficient when it comes to travel. With toiletries covered, however, I still struggle with the overall packing portion. To ward off any needless stress and help streamline a cumbersome process, I have made a vow to always pack as light as possible for any given trip. Paring down your items to only the necessities does a world of good and helps set a healthy pattern for future travel.

I recently flew Delta’s Basic Economy class, which did allow for a carry-on suitcase. However, I decided to forgo the suitcase in favor of my (small-ish) backpack to store everything I would need for a five day stay. While it may seem overwhelming at first, packing for such a small amount of space can be done.

Need some tips on how to pack light for travel? Visit our earlier blog post for some helpful guidance. I always recommend laying out your clothing/accessories, toiletries, and any other necessary items a day or two before your trip. It gives you extra time to really consider if each item is truly necessary.

So why should you travel and pack light? Here are the benefits:

Travel Benefit #1:
Eliminates the guesswork for dressing

I detest returning from a trip and realize I over packed and did not actually wear all of the clothing I had taken with me. Eliminate over packing by focusing only on pieces that can do double duty, and perhaps can easily transition from day to night. Bulkier items - like sweaters and sweatshirts - can be worn on the plane to free up extra room for other items.

Travel Benefit #2:
Easy breezy at the airport

I love traveling with just a backpack. Hands are free and I can zip around the airport without trailing a suitcase behind me. This comes in handy when you’re stuck at the airport for ten hours straight - who wants to lug around a suitcase while you anxiously await details for your delayed flight? A bonus - I never have to worry about finding overhead space on the plane, which makes boarding that less stressful.

Travel Benefit #3:
All of your essentials are easily accessible

I’ve always been the flyer who keeps everything close at hand under the seat in front of me. A well-designed backpack offers a range of pockets to store medicine, earplugs, power cords, iPad, earphones, books, etc for easy access, so I’m not fumbling around with the overhead luggage compartment. A well-organized backpack soothes an already anxiety-prone mind.

Travel Benefit #4:
Minimizes the stress of flight disruptions

Checked bags are at the mercy of unforeseen flight cancelations or disruptions. If you are a frequent flyer, it is safe to assume you have had to deal with lost or delayed luggage more than once. Unless it is absolutely necessary, I avoid checking any luggage. Once a bag is checked, you will have little control over your possessions should your flight schedule change.

Travel Tip #5:
Saves room for treasures

In the off chance I forget to pack something I need during a trip, saving a bit of extra room allows for any last-minute purchases. Also, I will need some room for all of those must have "sea shells" I plan to collect on my upcoming trip....!

I realize packing light will not work in every situation - say, traveling with kids, going on a ski trip, or a three-week sojourn somewhere - but try to downsize when possible. Very few people actually love to spend hours within the close confines of an airplane. Even fewer enjoy packing. Minimizing what you pack to only the essentials will provide you with much needed peace of mind during an otherwise hectic ordeal. And, we can all get by with a little less these days, can't we? Happy traveling....

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