What to Pack for a Stress Free Beach Day!

As summer rolls around, we can all start to enjoy the sunshine and start planning the next beach day! A day at the beach is always a great way to de-stress, relax, and get some Vitamin D. After this crazy year, we could all use a little bit of relaxation and sunshine. We want to make the trip as stress free as possible by helping you know what to pack! 

The essentials to pack are sunscreen, chapstick with SPF, aloe (we all know there is a chance of sunburn), Advil or Tylenol, and maybe even pack some bug spray or anti perspirant wipes. Don't forget to pack a water bottle and Hydralyte to stay extra hydrated! For clothing wear your swim suit, cover up, sandals, and sunglasses. Don't forget about your hat, beach towel or chair! Some other fun items to pack would be snacks, buckets and shovels to build sand castles, a tent or umbrella for some shade if you want it, a book for some entertainment and relaxation, and your camera to capture those perfect moments! 

Don't worry we have your back and so does our sunscreen! We love being able to take the stress away from packing. Hopefully this helps create a stress free day at the beach!

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