Safety First: What To Do Before Leaving for a Trip

Do you ever worry about if you locked the door or if you left a light on when you have left for a trip? These tips will help you feel better about going out of town and knowing your home is safe while you are gone. 

  • Put lights on timers 
  • Make sure your windows, doors, and gates are locked 
  • Have a friend or neighbor get mail or packages, so people aren't aware you're gone. If you do not have someone to ask, you should put your mail on hold 
  • Unplug electronics that are unnecessary to reduce risk of electrical fire 
  • Lock up all valuables in a safe 
  • Lock up your car and put it in a garage if you can 
  • Set your alarm and make sure security is working properly

A little preparation goes a long way! If you take the little safety steps, you will feel so much better while on your trip! Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? This list is here to help!

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