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DIY Coconut Oil Spray

Everyone loves a good DIY beauty hack. Especially for travel, when space is at a premium. How to take some of your favorite beauty must-haves on the road? Start with a few key ingredients, a spray bottle, and a little shake. Et voila - an on-the-go DIY Coconut Oil Spray you can take anywhere. Here is what you will need: Travel Size Spray Bottle Water Coconut Oil Make sure your spray bottle falls below the 3.4 TSA liquid allowance so you can easily pack in your carry-on. Take a look at our refillable bottle options, each of which adheres the TSA carry-on guidelines. Next up comes the coconut oil. And when it comes to coconut oil, organic is best. This is...

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How to Plan the Perfect Summer Road Trip

  Ahhh Summer.... the perfect opportunity to schedule a road trip with favorite friends and family. What better than to enjoy the open road without a care in the world? Make the most of your adventure by following some of our go-to travel tips.  Plan not to plan What should you plan for? Having money on hand and essential, potentially life-saving, goods. Meaning a First-Aid Kit, water, snacks, flashlights - you know the drill. And, a person at home to keep abreast of your travels in case something goes awry. But do not plan your next steps too far in advance. Let the road guide you. For what’s the fun of feeling rushed to your next destination when the whole...

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How to survive the day after a 'Red Eye' flight

Tired. Crabby. Dehydrated. Sluggish. Foggy. All words to describe your grouchier-than-normal self upon completion of everyone's favorite flight - the 'Red Eye'. Red Eye flights, especially from the West to East Coast, are a great way to eek out a few extra vacation hours by combining sleep + travel in one easy step. An ideal situation for the easy airplane sleeper. But for the insomniac flier? Not so much. Having taken a few cross-country late night flights and struggled with sleep-deprivation the day after, I am clearly in the later camp. No matter how hard I try, I cannot sleep on planes. I always emerge feeling like a crabby, irate Golum when provoked about his precious ring. Do not cross me. But when...

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What Book Should You Read Next?

Wherever your plans take you this Summer, I hope you have the opportunity to relax and read. Vacations are always a chance to immerse yourself in a good story, unencumbered by life's daily demands. Travel is an opportune time to dive into a book, especially on those long-haul flights. Take advantage of the respite from everyday distractions and get lost in a book. I have compiled a few of my all-time favorites spanning several genres for every type of book lover. Each is incredibly engaging, entertaining, and the kind of book you stay up well past your bedtime to read "just one more chapter". Take our Pack Simply Quiz to reveal your very own personalized book recommendation for Summer travel....

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I Tried United Airline's Basic Economy:
Here's What Happened

United Airlines rolled out Basic Economy fares this year, a lower-price option to entice budget conscious travelers (check out The Points Guy comparing the new basic fares across the major airlines). While I normally fly Delta or Jet Blue, I jumped at a last-minute Basic Economy fare to travel home for Memorial Day weekend. Basic Economy on United offered a $300 savings on an otherwise $600+ last minute ticket. A significant savings, to be sure, but how would travel via Basic Economy compare to an otherwise normal Economy ticket? Here are my thoughts: PROS: Cheap(er) for last minute - A $300 fare difference between Basic Economy and regular Economy for a trip booked only two days in advance is a substantial savings. Forces...

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