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Tips to Elevate Your
Delta Basic Economy Flight

The rise of "Basic Economy" fares by the big airlines may save you some money, but the fare class does not come without its own hiccups. As a follow-up to my earlier post about United's Basic Economy fare, I share some tips to elevate your next Delta Basic Economy flight. Comparing United and Delta, I would choose Delta every time - and now you'll see why I make the distinction. Follow these three travel tips for a better Delta Basic Economy experience: Travel Tip #1:Become a Delta/American Express Credit Card Holder If you are a frequent flyer, or someone who is a smart credit card user, racking up dollars on a Delta/American Express Credit Card is a quick way to...

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The Benefits of Traveling Light

Pack Simply was born out of a need to stay organized and efficient when it comes to travel. With toiletries covered, however, I still struggle with the overall packing portion. To ward off any needless stress and help streamline a cumbersome process, I have made a vow to always pack as light as possible for any given trip. Paring down your items to only the necessities does a world of good and helps set a healthy pattern for future travel. I recently flew Delta’s Basic Economy class, which did allow for a carry-on suitcase. However, I decided to forgo the suitcase in favor of my (small-ish) backpack to store everything I would need for a five day stay. While it may...

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How to pack light for travel

How can you pack light for your next trip? Minimize your packing list to just the essentials, pack clothing and toiletries that do double-duty, and invest in a backpack. I'll share some tips on how best to achieve all three and set you on the path of minimalist travel.  What are the benefits to packing light? Lightening your load does wonders for your sense of well-being while making you a nimble and agile traveler, better able to handle the stress of traveling. I have learned this lesson the hard way. Living in New York necessitates carrying bags of your "stuff" constantly. Over the years, this "lugging" has aggravated my shoulders to the point of making it nearly impossible to carry...

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