How to Waste Time at the Airport

How to Waste Time at the Airport | The Traveler Blog | Pack Simply

The dreaded lag-time between arriving at the airport gate and boarding your flight can be combated with a few frivolous time wasters. Some with more of an intellectually-bent than others, but each a way to pass the time rather pleasantly. 

1 - How to Waste Time at the Airport: Get a chair massage

If you are lucky enough to be in a terminal with massage services, take advantage. A cramped plane does no favors to your body, so be nice to it while you can.

2 - How to Waste Time at the Airport: Catch up on your tabloid reading

I only allow myself to read gossip magazines during two occasions - at the airport or lounging by a pool. My day-to-day life usually involves lots of running around trying to do ten things at once, so allowing myself this small reprieve is a fun treat. 

3 - How to Waste Time at the Airport: Clean old photos off your phone

A tedious and time-consuming task. But when WiFi is scarce and you are desperate, take the opportunity to clean out your phone of unwanted photos and apps. It is always a satisfying feeling to see that amount of 'Available Storage' increase with every sweep.

4 - How to Waste Time at the Airport: The World's Biggest Crossword App

I have been playing The World's Biggest Crossword app for six months now, and it is my go-to time waster at the airport. It is massive and seemingly endless - I feel like ten years will pass before I complete all of the puzzles. A quick tip: don't cheat by using your coins and tokens to reveal a clue, for what fun is that? Come back to it a day later and the answer will magically appear to you (trust me, it always does).

5 - How to Waste Time at the Airport: Listen to a new podcast:

I am obsessed with podcasts. Download a couple of episodes on your phone ahead of time in case WiFi is scarce. I could likely write a whole blog of my favorite podcasts but have narrowed it down to a few crowd pleasers (can you tell I'm a horror fan?!). 

TANIS - Episodes must be listened to in order as you connect the dots through a range of characters and subplots. Both parts creepy and entertaining, I look forward to every episode.  

Astonishing Legends - Love these guys. They delve into superstitions, legends, and folklore with an engaging dialogue that digs deep into the subject matter. 

StarTalk Radio - Neil Degrasse Tyson for President. He pairs tough scientific theories with wonderful wit and the aid of a comic sidekick. Episodes including Bill Nye are always a treat.  

Chicago's Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies - Four friends discuss real-life hauntings and personal paranormal encounters in a comfortable and relaxing manner, making you feel a part of their tight-knit group. 

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