How to Survive Your Flight: 7 Must-Haves

How to Survive Your Next Flight: Seven Essential Must-Haves | Pack Simply Blog

Air travel, for the most part, is unpleasant. The recent rash of airline abuse and passenger mistreatment may dominate the news today, but highlights an already well-know fact: flying is not fun. While I cannot help with seat upgrades, more legroom, or guaranteeing a friendly airline staff, I can share a few essential items I always take with me on any flight. Coming prepared is the best defense and goes a long way to ensure a more peaceful flight.

1.   Airplane Must-Haves: Earplugs

Macks Earplugs | Pack Simply

I’ll admit it - I am an earplug devotee. It is always the first thing I pack as any travel would be miserable without them. I tend to get jarred by the overwhelming “hum” of a plane’s engines, which can vary depending on where you are sitting. And let’s not forget loud passengers who seem unaware of their surroundings and talk at too high of a level. I pop them in early in the flight to mute the noise. 

2.   Airplane Must-Haves: An extra pair of socks

Best Travel Socks | Pack Simply

For my recent trip to Sea Island, GA, I went sans socks in anticipation of the 80 degree weather. It happened to be a rare time when the plane’s heating system was broken, which sent a steady stream of cold air along the floor. Thankfully, an extra pair of comfy socks did the trick - there’s nothing worse then cold feet to make any flight miserable.

3.   Airplane Must-Haves: Long Scarf

A large enough scarf to both serve as makeshift blanket and neck warmer. Check out Travel + Leisure’s best travel scarf recommendations. 

4.   Airplane Must-Haves: Neck pillow

BCOZZY Neck Pillow | Pack Simply

The average neck pillow tends to get too stiff over time, and adds unnecessary bulk towards the back of your head. My latest find is a more snake-like, malleable neck pillow that adjusts for extra padding just where you need it.

5.   Airplane Must-Haves: Downloaded Podcasts

Another way to drown out the noise of passengers and planes are a few hour-long podcasts. When you are sick of your music, do not feel like reading, but need an escape from the noise, you will be happy to have a few on hand.

6.   Airplane Must-Haves: Gum/Candy

Constantly dealing with popping ears on the plane? Have this handy.

7.   Airplane Must-Haves: Water Bottle

Having suffered the dire consquences of not hydrating properly after a long flight, I always bring a big water bottle with me. 
What am I missing? What are your in-flight must-haves?

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