How to Plan the Perfect Travel Itinerary

How to Plan the Perfect Travel Itinerary

Planning the ultimate itinerary can seem like the most daunting task, yet savvy travelers can breeze through an extensive vacation like its nothing. Believe it or not, the process of scheduling all the activities for your trip is not as difficult as it seems.

With a little research, patience, and fluidity, you can prepare a top-notch travel itinerary tailored to your interests. You will be a bonified wanderluster before you know it.

Follow these tips to craft the perfect travel itinerary for your next trip!

Select the Ideal Base for Your Adventures

The first thing you will need to decide is what region of the world you would like explore during your next expedition. Once that mind-numbing decision is made, you will need to find a central location to rest your head at night. Unless you enjoy hauling all your belongings everywhere, the selection of your base could make or break the trip. 

A great base location will be close to lots of wonderful day trips that are easily accessible by car, train, or boat. Whether your preference is to reach each destination by yourself or with the help of a guided tour, you should be able to return to your base every night. If you have a checklist of things you wish to do in the region, you can easily accomplish them one by one from a centrally located base.

Take the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands for example. The ideal base to explore the rocky cliffs, enchanting lochs, and charming villages of the island is the town of Portree. From Portree, you can head north to the astonishing Old Man of Storr and Mealt Falls or venture south to the majestic Fairy Pools and Elgol Beach.

If your base is too far from the places you wish to see on your journey, you will need to account for greater traveling distances.

Flexibility is Key

Scheduling your activities too close together is a recipe for disappointment on your trip. If you attempt to schedule each pitstop on your itinerary too close together, you will not enjoy the beauty of each destination. Packing your schedule too close together will make you zoom through each stop and one bump in the road will make you miss multiple highlights on your places to see list. 

Always prepare for the unexpected! Bad weather, horrid road conditions, and tour cancellations are all potential setbacks that could ruin your itinerary.

Give yourself plenty of time to see all the sights of the region and always be flexible in case you need to adjust your plans.

Avoid Peak Season Travel

Many destinations can become brutally crowded during the most popular travel seasons. Normally, the summer months of July and August are when vacation hotspots such as the Amalfi Coast and Canadian Rockies become flooded with tourists. Prices for accommodation skyrocket and it can be a strain on your budget for the trip.

If you are scheduling your itinerary during the peak travel period of your destination, then account for the extra costs and hordes of crowds you will have to fight while there. It would be unrealistic to think you can do the same number of activities during the high season compared to the offseason or shoulder season.

For a more relaxing vacation with the ability to see more amazing sights, steer away from peak season travel.

Uncovering Hidden Gems

Regardless of the amount of research you performed on the internet back home, you are guaranteed to always find some hidden gems during your trip. You may be driving through the backroads of the region and come across a serene lake or a deserted beach tourists never visit. Even though the discovered beauty may not be on your list of adventures, do not let that deter you from living in the moment. 

Travel is always made more fun with spontaneity added to careful planning. Do not be afraid to discover hidden gems during your trip and you will have breathtaking stories and footage to share with others back home. 

Always Have Travel Insurance

A reliable travel insurance policy is something you should always have in the back of your mind when scheduling your itinerary. Even the most carefully researched and planned trip can suffer setbacks such as an illness or stolen luggage. The last thing you want is to get sick and be stuck with a humungous medical bill or be financially responsible for replacing camera equipment. 

Before your adventure begins, invest in a highly reviewed travel insurance plan for ease of mind. 

Start Planning!

Now that you know how to structure your trip, the most exciting part of organizing the journey begins. 

Deciding where you would like to go! The picturesque South of France, lush forests of Costa Rica, and the outback of Australia are just a few of the endless possibilities. 


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