How to create a sleep cocoon on an airplane

How to create a sleeping cocoon on an airplane | Pack Simply Blog

You know those people - the ones who naturally fall asleep on a flight as soon as they sit down? Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I have struggled for years to sleep when flying, with some small gains made through trial and error. For anyone struggling with similar bouts of insomnia, here are a few tips to use on your next flight.


Earplugs + Earphones

Do not travel without them. Earplugs do wonders to mute crying babies, airplane engines, and general human nonsense. Use your earphones as back-up, and be sure to download a few boring podcasts to help induce sleep.


Facemask + Scarf + Hat

Create your own personal cocoon with a triple layer of travel sleeping mask, scarf, and hat for complete black-out conditions. It can feel a bit silly and overdone, but remind yourself - it's not about appearances on a plane, but comfort.


Rx, Alcohol, Soothing Scents

Having a cocktail helps some sooth their nerves. Some love the aid of a sleeping pill.


Neck Pillow

It is impossible to find a comfortable and sustainable position for sleep without one. Find one that is a bit more malleable than the traditional u-shape neck pillow as the added bulk at the back of your neck can be more annoying than useful. 


Seating Options

As a tall person, this is my particular burden. Aim for a seat upgrade when you can or take advantage of Exit Row seats when possible. Bonus if you are sitting next to someone you know well - you can occupy a bit of his or her space too.


Pack Your Own

Do not depend on the beverage cart for your needs. It will disrupt any good sleep you might catch during take-off. At the very least, bring a water bottle and some snacks to tide you over.

What am a missing? What tricks do you use to fall asleep on a plane?

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