How to Get Through Airport Security Smoothly

How to Get Through Airport Security Smoothly | Pack Simply Blog

Getting through airport security can feel more like an unwanted assault on your personal freedoms rather than a gateway to a fun vacation ahead. The many TSA rules and regulations may be difficult to absorb (especially for infrequent fliers), but we are here to help. 

For frequent fliers, the list below will seem obvious. Remember, however, for as much as you fly, there are ten people in front of you who do not. Informing all passengers on what to expect and how best to prepare not only helps them, but helps you.

Airport Security Tip #1: Wear Slip-On Shoes

You need to be an octopus to juggle your many belongings through security. Don't get tied up (literally) with time-consuming laces and bulky shoes. Slip-on shoes are always the way to go. I love the Arcopedico Light Clog.

Arcopedico Light Clog | Pack Simply

Airport Security Tip #2: Have ID + Ticket at the Ready

Don't fumble needlessly around trying to locate your ticket + ID. Have both ready before you enter the initial security line and then for the TSA-agents. No one wants to wait while you search frantically.

Airport Security Tip #3: Remove Everything from Your Pockets

Better yet, prepare ahead of time and have everything stored in your backpack or carry-on before you even get to security. Do not bring your coffee, water bottles, or beverages.

Airport Security Tip #4: Take a Backpack or Travel Bag to Keep You Organized

I cannot stress enough - staying organized is key to keeping your sanity at the airport. Traveling with a laptop? Find a travel bag with a dedicated laptop sleeve for easy access. Same goes for your ID + ticket + travel toiletry kit. Find an easily accessible spot/pocket in your carry-on bag for all of the above. Try the Modern Snap Backpack by EVERLANE.

Modern Snap Backpack by EVERYONE

Airport Security Tip #5: Pack Your Toiletries in a Clear Bag

This is not only a TSA-requirement, but will help you to stay ultra organized. We specifically designed our Pack Simply clear toiletry bag for portability and ease of use. During my most recent flight, my toiletry bag fit seamlessly in my backpack for easy access through security. No leakage, no fumbling, no possibility of dealing with a messy ziplock bag. The Pack Simply toiletry bag is the perfect travel companion. 

Pack Simply Travel Toiletry Kit

Airport Security Tip #6: Be Considerate and Conscientious 

Above all else - remember that the world does not revolve around you. Be efficient and mindful as you make your way through the many security layers. Don't hog the bins, don't take your sweet time taking off your shoes and jacket. And please, don't try to bud into the front of the line without politely asking those waiting patiently if it is okay to do so. We all are in a rush and likely have the same flight to catch. Do not think you are the only person on a tight time schedule. A dose of patience, conscientiousness, and efficiency will go a long way.

What are we missing? Any other tips on how best to stay sane during airport security?


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