Five Must Sees in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston has so many beautiful parks, beaches, places to eat and drink, museums, historic buildings, gardens, and so much more to see when you visit. 

  • The first must see is Waterfront Park. It is famous for the pineapple fountain! 
  • The second must see is the Angel Oak Tree. It is a gigantic oak tree over 60 feet tall out on Johns Island. 
  • Third must see is The Historic Charleston City Market in the heart of Charleston. It is filled with local snacks, handmade jewelry, sweetgrass baskets, and many more treats from local vendors!
  • Fourth must see is the Battery and White Point Gardens! The Battery is filled with historical facts about Charleston, but it is also a wonderful waterfront park!
  • The fifth must see is Fort Sumter. It is a national monument on a small island in the Charleston Harbor. You can see a lot of Charleston from the fort. This is a great place for a history lover or children! 

There are so many other beautiful places to see in Charleston, but these are just a few to get your list started for your trip to Charleston, South Carolina! 

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