Introducing The Aspen Kit:
Cold Weather Toiletry Must-Haves

Aspen Kit Customized Toiletry Travel Back | Pack Simply

Introducing our new Aspen Travel Kit - a curated selection of cold-weather favorites for that next ski trip, snow-shoe adventure, or dog-sledding competition. Harsh weather conditions make moisturizing an absolute necessity, so we have included a few of our personal favorites, along with helpful ways to keep hands and toes warm on the slopes.  

Take a peak on which products made the cut. Shop the collection and add your favorites to round out a customized TSA-approved travel toiletry bag - just for you.

What Toiletries to Pack for Cold Weather | Pack Simply

Chapstick Moisturizer SPF 12 Lip Balm:

Moisture + SPF protection from snow glare. A must for any outdoor activity.

Blistex Lip Medex:

A lifesaver. Slather on your lips at night and wake up refreshed. You can also use on dry cuticles.

Kiss My Face Sensitive Side Sunscreen SPF 30:

Like SPF chapstick, protect your face.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream:

Combat winter dryness.

Advil or Tylenol:

Unless you're an avid outdoorsman, any rigorous activity will tax those muscles. Keep handy and at the ready.


Can you ever leave home without?

Eucerin Original Healing Lotion:

The lotion that saves my skin in the winter. Use on dry patches to heal ultra dry skin.

And introducing our latest Pack Simply addition:

Hand and Toe Warmers:

I will always associated hand warmers with my first skiing attempts in Wisconsin. They will save your extremities from the winter chill. 

Shop now to customize your very own travel toiletry kit. 


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